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Our Pledge:

We here at Green Construction and Restoration pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Green Construction and Restoration is a family owned and operated full service construction and restoration business based in Meriden, CT.  Our fully licensed and qualified team is ready to help 24/7.  Call us now at:  1-800-HIRE-GREEN.


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  • Fire and Smoke Damage

    Ever since our conception, Green Construction and Restoration has been helping business and homeowners recover from fire and smoke damage.  We make every effort to getting you back into your home or business as fast as possible.  Our experienced project teams work with you through every step of the recovery process.  There is no job too big or too small for us.  We can handle anything from small kitchen fires to large multi-million dollar losses.


  • Water Damage

    When water becomes uncontrolled, it can cause devastation.  Whether your property has been damaged by torrential rain, a triggered sprinkler system, or burst pipes, Green Construction and Restoration specializes in water damage recovery.  We utilize the most efficient, modern technology to take care of structural drying projects. From large capacity dehumidifiers to ultra-sensitive monitoring devices, GCandR can quickly and completely dry building structures and contents.


    Green Construction and Restoration uses the IICRC S500 procedural standards guide to properly clean and restore property from water damage.  We use stat-of-the-art water sensing equipment including probes and infrared tools to determine the source of the damage and extent of affected area(s).  Our restoration services include drying the structure, sanitizing all affected and possible cross contaminated areas, and deodorizing affected areas and materials.  Property getting a little soggy is just the beginning of what water damage can do.  Water damage, in many cases, is not confined to just up to the water line.  Many building materials including but not limited to, drywall, wood, and concrete can act as a sponge that can cause the water damage to extend much higher and deeper into the structure.  Mold growth can develop after a period of time and will often appear long after the water damage.  Green Construction and Restoration can mitigate the water damage correctly.


  • Wind Damage

    Wind damage can destroy roofs and walls, exposing the internal contents of your structure to outside elements.  Most insurance providers require immediate rectification to prevent further damage.  Do you need a tree removed from your roof?  Do you need your property secured?


    allowing water  and debris to come in and cause damage to your contents and structure. Your insurance company requires that you rectify the situation as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Need a tree removed from your roof? Need it secured? Call us now and we’ll dispatch a crew today!

  • Vehicle Impacts

    The Green Construction and Restoration team can handle the serious structural damage caused by a vehicle striking your home or business.  We handle all of the work from start to finish.  We can even determine the extent of the damage employing one of our own structural engineers.

  • Mold Remediation

    Molds are found all over and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present.  Molds reproduce by spores, which can be carried by air currents. When these spores land on a moist surface that is suitable for life, they begin to grow.  If mold is left untreated, it can pose a serious health risk to humans.  Molds damage building materials and furnishings and eventually can lead to structural weaknesses.


    Our experienced mold remediation team at Green Construction and Restoration can properly identify the location and extent of the mold hazard in a structure and can correct the moisture problems and remove moldy and contaminated materials to prevent human exposure and further damage to building materials and furnishings.

  • Reconstruction

    We at Green Construction and Restoration know how important it is that you get back in your home or business as fast as possible and this is why the search for a highly skilled general contractor ends here.  We are your all-inclusive general contractors who specialize in fire, water, wind, and mold cleanup and restoration.  We employ only the best in the business.  All of our contractors are experienced, licensed, insured, and reliable.  We care about our customers and we strive to meet and exceed their every expectation.  It is not important that you find the "best price".  When it comes to making sure your home or business is structurally sound, you want a company that has experience and know-how to complete the job CORRECTLY.


  • Demolition Services

    Green Construction and Restoration has the expertise in using highly sophisticated equipment.  We provide 24-hour service.  We provide services such as interior strip outs and concrete and brick removal.  Our dismantling and demolition services include everything from interior demolition to total building removal.  We handle all projects safely, responsibly, and economically for our clients.

  • Disaster Planning

     Our fully qualified team here at Green Construction and Restoration can help our customers plan for and coordinate all the personnel and materials required to either mitigate the effects of, or recover from, natural or man-made disasters.  We will walk you through every step of the way.

  • Loss Mitigation

    Green Construction and Restoration can identify the extent of damage that your structure has suffered and help you develop a plan for the best course of action.

  • Dehumidification

    This is a moisture control technique that may or may not be related to a direct water loss.  This process removes ambient (free-floating) moisture from the environment.   Green Construction and Restoration uses a Thermohygrometer to measure temperature and humidity in the air.  We then use a psycrometric chart, graph, or calculator to convert the data into grains per pounds and due point.  These conversions tell us exactly how much moisture is in the air thereby allowing us to monitor and modify drying plans as necessary.

  • Building and Surface Cleaning

    Green Construction and Restoration performs duct cleaning, deodorization, carpet/rug cleaning, and puffback cleaning.  Our deodorization includes thermofog treatment, OzoneTreatment, Dry Vapor treatments, Liquid/Dunking Treatments, Steam Cleanings, Shampoo Cleanings, and Bonnett Cleanings.  What is puffback?  Puffback occurs when a heating system such as a fireplace backs up causing soot, ash, or smoke to enter a structure.

  • Remodeling

    Green Construction and Restoration performs remodeling services of a building project in its entirety.  GCandR is both a residential and commercial general contractor with complete capability to handle small and large losses.  GCandR coordinates and supervises all projects.

  • Emergency Tips and Consultation

    Green Construction and Restoration has worked with insurance professionals for many years, writing insurance repair estimates and offering consulting services on property claims.  We provide accurate estimates used in the resolution of disputes.  We present insurance providers with a correct and fair repair assessment.  Our dedicated team of estimators, appraisers, and mediators have expertise in writing time and cost damage repair estimates for every type of insurance loss.

    We offer expert testimony in the resolution of disputes by submitting our estimate for the rebuilding of residential or commercial losses due to fire, wind, water, flood, and all natural disasters.


    Emergency Tips:


    Before you attempt to re-enter your property:


    Check the outside of your home before you enter.


    Leave your children with a friend/relative while you conduct your first inspection of your home after the loss.


    If there is no significant visible outside damage, then check inside.


    Protect your body wearing appropriate protective gear.


    Smell, look and listen.  Be aware of potential threats before exposing yourself to them.


    Damaged furnishings and building parts may be unstable.


    Check the ceiling for signs of sagging.


    Check the floor for sagging.


    Dehumidify and exchange the air inside your home


    Have an electrician inspect the property